Hastings Deering CEO Dean Mehmet talks to CEO Magazine

"Whether it’s excavating, earthmoving, or construction, Hastings Deering has the knowledge and capacity to deliver the highest-quality products and services and to meet every customer’s needs".

Established in 1932, Hastings Deering has a long history of delivering premium quality products and services to Australia’s construction and mining industries. Today, the company has grown to become a premier distributor of Caterpillar equipment, operating throughout Queensland, the Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia. With just under 5,000 staff across four countries, Hastings Deering generates annual revenues of almost $3 billion.

Dean Mehmet came on board as COO in 2012, and was promoted to the position of CEO in July 2014. During his brief leadership at Hastings Deering, Dean has already demonstrated his adeptness in handling complex negotiations, improving company practices, and taking responsibility for difficult decisions. As a CEO, Dean draws upon his training as a mechanical engineer and his experience with global companies such as Shell and BlueScope Steel to complement his decision-making processes.

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