The recent release of a range of new E series hydraulic hammers to the Australian and New Zealand market represents a major milestone in the evolution of Caterpillar’s extensive work tool offering. These E Series (H75E – H180E) hammers are the first Cat hammers to be completely designed, developed and manufactured in house. Hydraulic hammers built entirely by Caterpillar for Caterpillar.

The history of Cat Hammers

Although new, the E Series is a culmination the knowledge and experience of the hydraulic hammer Caterpillar gained during a long partnership with Sandvik. The joint venture, which first began in 1998, saw Sandvik produce hammers with design input and branding from Caterpillar (D Series) and was very successful, resulting in the sale of over 30,000 units globally. However as the business grew and product lines expanded, Caterpillar recognised the need to have more control over hammer design and manufacture to deliver fully on the promise of a complete machine and work tool solution with the lowest overall owning and operating costs. In 2009 Caterpillar took the decision to end the joint venture with Sandvik and commit fully to developing the hydraulic hammer business. By early 2011 the doors were opening on a brand new, purpose-built, state of the art hammer design and manufacturing facility in Waco, Texas.

Caterpillar’s Work Tool Commitment

Caterpillar’s 88 years of enduring success is founded on delivering a high quality product with the performance and durability customers want. The E Series hammers feature a number of improvements designed to live up to that promise. Most noticeable is the sleek, symmetrical housing which not only reduces stress points but is also rotatable by 180 degrees to give a second life. Inside the silenced E Series hammers a unique, interlocking suspension system with top, side and lower buffers isolates and silences the powercell as well as protecting the carrier machine from the stress waves produced during hammer operation.

Reducing the stress transmitted back to the carrier machine also has the additional benefit of a providing a substantially more comfortable environment for the operator. The E Series hammers also feature ASO (Auto shut-off); a feature which prevents blankfiring.

Blank-firing occurs when the operator activates the hammer without the tool engaged with the material to be broken. In such an event, the energy of the piston striking the tool has nowhere to go but back into the hammer and the carrier machine. The effect of blank firing is increased wear on both hammer and machine. With ASO oil flow is automatically diverted, preventing firing, until the tool is engaged with the material.

With its investment in world-class facilities in Waco and now with the introduction of E Series hammers Caterpillar has signalled its intent to be in the hammer business for the long haul. Having a full hammer line up all of which are optimised to complement the Cat product line up and sold and serviced by the best dealer network puts Caterpillar in a unique position. Put simply, the commitment backs up the claim. Cat Hammers are built for it.