Caterpillar has launched the MD5150 track drill, a customer-inspired design that delivers top-of-class power and airflow for fast, efficient drilling of holes up to 152 mm (6 inches) in diameter.

Benefiting from more than 50 years of track drill design, the MD5150 incorporates a proven rock drill, patented carousel rod changer, new cab and many other features that boost productivity and reduce operating costs.

Adam Davis, Hastings Deering, Product Manager – Drills and Ancillary, said that the release of the new machine has created a buzz in the industry. “We have spoken to a lot of customers about the machine and just what it can do for their business.”

“Generally the industry is very impressed the new MD5150 hydraulic track drill and there has been a lot of talk about how well the machine was finished off.”

“This drill would not be out of place drilling a production pattern for a quarry or doing pre-splits in a hard rock mine operation. It crosses both the quarry and the open cut hard rock mines we have in our region.”

The carousel rod changer holds six rods and accommodates drill steel of various lengths and diameters, reduces setup time and is supported by a sturdy feed boom with length of 2.4 m and a maximum extension – 3.3 m. Powered by a Tier 3 Cat® C11 engine producing 385 hp at 1,800 rpm, the MD5150 is equipped with a smart drill monitoring system that monitors rock changes and automatically adjusts the feed pressure and impact depending on hardness of the rock.

The drill promises high reliability, long life and low ownership costs. With less than half as many moving parts as competitive rock drills, it is a simple, reliable design that offers dependable performance and exceptional usability.

To further improve operator productivity, the machines system features anti-jam, anti-plunge and anti-plug capabilities that keep the track drill working efficiently and extend drill string life.

Production started on Cat track drills after the Bucyrus acquisition, and teams are working on fully integrating them into the Caterpillar line-up. Caterpillar chose to release the MD5150 to the industry at The Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) annual conference held in Townsville.

Making himself available to unveil the machine was Jeffrey Dudley, Caterpillar Drill factory representative all the way from Denison, Texas.

Taking a lot questions with people showing interest in the history of the machine and how it was born into the product line, the drill was received well by delegates.

“We had Caterpillar and Hastings Deering representatives on hand to answer questions and to discuss the machines details. Some of the comments made were on its design and looks, as well as its status of being fitter friendly.”

“Maintenance and service technicians appreciate the MD5150’s simple component layout and convenient service access. It offers a walk-in service station that provides quick and easy access to major service points of engine, air conditioner, compressor and hydraulic valves,” Adam added.

Hastings Deering also previewed the machine to selected industry customers at an event held at the new Brisbane General Construction facility. Participants had the opportunity to get in the cab and see what operating the machine is about and was well received.

“Many expressed pleasure at the attention to detail given to the build and all (that knew) commented on the improvements seen over the previous MD5125 (SCH5000) drill. Others appreciated seeing it built on genuine Cat track undercarriage.”

Equipment life cycle is long thanks to the durable Cat components and maintenance friendly designs. 

The Cat MD5150 track drill can drill holes within 24 inches of the highwall, 50 per cent closer than with a linear rod changer. The quality of the line’s components and design makes them a perfect fit for the high standards of Caterpillar.

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