Improving the way we operate

The Hastings Deering Group will be implementing a new business enterprise system in late January 2016.

This new system is about making our business more efficient and easier for you to do business with us, enabling Hastings Deering to serve your business better through standardised processes across all business centres.

Under the new system, most of the ways that we conduct business between our companies will not change. However, your company’s current Customer Account Number with Hastings Deering will change to a new 7 digit numeric. This may be significant if your company uses this account number to facilitate trade between us.

Other changes are primarily limited to the presentation and layout of information on documents including invoices, statements, packing slips and some part numbers will change.

Be assured that as we approach the new enterprise system implementation, our focus will be on delivering as little disruption to the transactional experience as possible.

The following Frequently Asked Questions with Answers may assist you:

Question   Answer
When do we expect to go live with the new business system?                        Very late January 2016.
How big are these changes to the way we do business? Most of the ways that we conduct business between us will not change – but there are some notable exceptions below.
Changes – Customer Account Number. The current Customer Account Number will change to a new 7 digit numeric. This may be significant to you if this account number is used to facilitate trade with Hastings Deering Group. e.g. if you store the Hastings Deering customer account number in your Purchase Order template.
Changes – when will I know my new Customer Number? In the normal course of events, we will provide a new customer number to you when you trade with us for the first time under the new system. If this is of concern, please either contact your Hasting Deering representative or “raise an issue” with as provided for below.
Changes – Layout of Forms will change. There will be changes to the layout of forms including packing slips, invoices etc. The forms will still include all the necessary information including line number and so on to facilitate effortless trade between us. The forms will change to portrait orientation. Examples of the forms will be posted on this web-site before we “go live”
Changes – Branch Identifier codes will change. The Hastings Deering branch source code identifier will change from a numeric to alpha abbreviation of the store site e.g. BNE for Brisbane instead of ‘00’ currently. This is primarily for Hastings Deering's internal use.
Changes – Sales Order Number. The sales order alpha numeric will change. Instead of the current ability to identify the transaction e.g. ‘15C’ indicates a parts sale made by our Rockhampton store, the new identifier will only be the next sequential ascending digit, e.g. 200000045678.
Changes – some part numbers will change Some numbers will change due to the system being unable to recognize characters such as * and ~ as examples and where parts from two vendors could carry the same alpha or alpha numeric. If you are a B2B customer and your purchase catalogue is affected, we will advise you beforehand.

After review of the above, if you still wish to raise an issue, please call the Port Moresby Business Centre on 300 8300.