The below table contains key documents relevant to the Enterprise Bargaining process. 
We will add to this list as documents are released.

Date Description Document

Documents will be made available here for viewing and download as they become available throughout the Bargaining Process.

22/11/2021 Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited Enterprise Agreement 2021. Approved by Deputy President Asbury, 17 November 2021. Link  
 21/10/2021 Final Declaration of Voting Results – EA 2021. This document summarises the breakdown of Voting results across Hasting Deering and confirms the majority of employees support the proposed 2021 Enterprise Agreement. Link  
 10/09/2021 Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited Enterprise Agreement 2021 – DRAFT Marked-Up Copy Link
 10/09/2021 Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited Enterprise Agreement 2021 – DRAFT Clean Copy Link
 10/09/2021 Summary Change Document
This document highlights the key changes in the DRAFT Agreement.
Red underlined text is new wording.
Red text with a strikethrough is old text that has been deleted.
 03/09/2021 Letter from Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mark Scott  Link  
10/05/2021  Log of Claims HDAL Log of Claims
Non Union Log of Claims
AMWU Log of Claims
CFMEU Log of Claims
29/04/2021  Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award 2010 Link
09/04/2021  Hastings Deering Enterprise Agreement 2018 Link
06/04/2021  Frequently Asked Questions Document FAQs
06/04/2021  Notice of Employees Representational Rights - EA 2021 Link
06/04/2021  Employee Appointment of Bargaining Representative Form Link


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