Frequently Asked Questions

Hastings Deering is the official Cat® equipment supplier in Queensland and Northern Territory, offering new and used Cat equipment sales, along with Cat rentals, spare parts, servicing solutions and customer support. Here you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions relating to sales, financing and warranties, parts, servicing and repairs, our HDAdvantage™ program and Cat SIS 2.0.


Service-Specific FAQs

A Cat® engine rebuild involves a thorough process that updates and reconditions your Cat engine to meet the latest Cat rebuild specifications. Starting with a comprehensive inspection and evaluation in which we develop a customised rebuild plan for the specific needs of your engine and provide you with a Cat engine rebuild cost estimate, the process involves:

Disassembly — Your Cat engine is completely disassembled and parts inspected and measured against Cat’s stringent reusability guidelines. Any parts that don’t meet the latest Cat standards are replaced with new Cat parts.
Reconditioning — This phase of the Cat engine rebuild process addresses specific equipment needs that aren’t usually included in an engine overhaul.
Engineering Updates — Your engine is brought up to date with any required engineering updates. During this phase, your choice of optional performance enhancement upgrades are also carried out.
Reassembly — Your engine is completely reassembled by our Cat qualified technicians.
Testing & Validation — Your rebuilt Cat engine is retested and re-commissioned.
Repainting — Your engine is repainted and a Cat Certified Engine Rebuild decal is issued.
New Cat Certified Engine Rebuild Identification Numbers — You are issued a new Cat Certified Engine Rebuild number which identifies your engine and entitles you to Caterpillar extended service coverage options.
Customer Evaluation — Once your operators are satisfied with the performance of your engine in its working environment the Cat engine rebuild process is complete.

The Cat Certified Engine Rebuild program delivers a range of economic and performance advantages, including improved fuel consumption and lower emissions, and reduced owning and operating costs. The value of your engine is further increased by the new-engine extended service coverage options, access to advanced condition monitoring service with the HDAdvantage™ program, and the extended service coverage available through the Cat Certified Engine Rebuild program — ask about the coverage options at your local Hastings Deering branch.
As Cat machines, power trains and major components are “built to be rebuilt” for maximum value and longer service life, Cat® Certified Rebuild programs help you maximise the investment in your asset with full utilisation of a second life at a fraction of the cost of buying new Cat equipment. With a Cat Certified Rebuild, you recover all the performance and productivity of your original machine, power train and components while benefiting from new genuine Cat parts and the latest engineering updates.

Cat Certified Rebuild programs are tailored to your specific equipment needs, enabling you to rebuild part or all, and with the latest critical engineering updates, your engine, powertrain or components are brought up to date with the latest Cat standards. Additionally, you get the benefits and peace of mind that a transferable 24 months / 4000 hours parts and service warranty* delivers, and when you choose a Cat Certified Rebuild program with Hastings Deering, you also get access to HDAdvantage™ advanced condition monitoring. With a Cat Certified Rebuild, the options available to you when renewing the performance of your equipment fleet include everything from complete machine rebuilds to hydraulic system focused rebuilds — ask about the Cat Certified Rebuild programs at your local Hastings Deering branch.
A range of Cat® Certified Rebuild programs are available through Hastings Deering, including:
Cat Full Machine Rebuild
A Cat Full Machine Rebuild delivers the performance and productivity of your original machine while also benefiting from new genuine Cat parts, the latest critical engineering updates and extended parts and service warranty coverage to provide additional peace of mind.
Certified Powertrain Rebuild
A Certified Powertrain Rebuild can cover everything from the radiator to the sprockets and wheels, and renews powertrain performance and productivity and extends its productive life.
Certified Machine Component Rebuild
A Certified Machine Component Rebuild restores your engine, transmission, torque converter, axle assemblies or final drives to like-new performance so you get the most from your machine.
Certified Engine Rebuild
A Certified Engine Rebuild is tailored to your needs to maximise your investment in Cat durability, dependability and performance, and helps you avoid unnecessary and expensive full component replacements at or before the next rebuild.
Certified Hydraulic Rebuild
A Certified Hydraulic Rebuild restores your machine’s hydraulic and hydrostatic drive systems to like-new performance while increasing durability and reliability to reduce unnecessary downtime and avoid unexpected costs.
All Cat Certified Rebuild programs come with a 24 -month / 4000-hour parts and service warranty* and provide access to the HDAdvantage™ program — contact your local Hastings Deering branch to find out more.


Sales, Financing & Warranty FAQs

Hastings Deering offers new Cat equipment sales at branches across Queensland and Northern Territory. 
As Cat® equipment sets the standard across a range of industries, from agriculture and construction through to landscaping and residential, there are numerous benefits to buying new Cat equipment. Brand-new Cat machines are not only the most technologically advanced machines on the market, they’re backed by industry-leading warranties and after-sales support through official Cat dealers like Hastings Deering — the official Cat dealer for Queensland and Northern Territory. 
Hastings Deering provides the best Cat® financing solutions in Queensland and Northern Territory. Whatever your requirements, whether you’re looking to finance a single item of equipment or an entire fleet, a power supply backed by a Cat generator or a boat with a Cat engine, we can provide you with a Cat finance solution designed around your business needs. We offer a range of tailored equipment financing solutions, including Secured Chattel Mortgage Agreements, Commercial Hire Purchases, Flexible Finance Leases, Operating Leases and Lines of Credit. 

Visit our Finance & Insurance page for further information on the tailored Cat financing solutions we offer or Apply for Cat Credit Now
Yes, we offer warranties on all new Cat equipment. Please contact your local Hastings Deering branch if you have any specific warranty queries. 
When you purchase new Cat equipment, Caterpillar secures your investment with a standard Cat warranty that provides 6-12 months of hassle-free operation. You have the option of extending the period of the Standard Warranty through Hastings Deering with a Cat Extended Warranty, known as ‘Extended Service Coverage (ESC)’. 

Contact your local Hastings Deering branch to find out more about Cat Standard and Extended Warranty cover.
Yes, Hastings Deering provides Equipment Protection Plans on all new Cat® machines to provide buyers with the highest level of repair cost protection available and back you for the long haul. For further peace of mind, our Equipment Protection Plans are backed by Cat Financial Insurance Services and Hastings Deering in Asia-Pacific. 

Contact your local Hastings Deering branch to find out more about the Equipment Protection Plans we have available. 
Yes, through Hastings Deering you can extend the period of the Standard Cat Warranty with Extended Service Coverage (ESC). By providing parts and labour reimbursement for the covered components, taking out Cat Extended Warranty Coverage with Hastings Deering provides peace of mind against unexpected repair bills. 

Contact your local Hastings Deering branch to find out more about Cat Standard and Extended Warranty cover.


Parts FAQs

You have the option of ordering Cat Parts online or through your local Hastings Deering branch. Find out more about ordering Cat parts online here.
Yes, you can buy new Cat parts at the Hastings Deering branches across Queensland and Northern Territory.
If you need advice on Cat parts for your equipment fleet, please contact your local Hastings Deering branch. As the official Cat dealer for Queensland and Northern Territory, we have the expertise to advise you on Cat parts and all aspects of your Cat fleet. 
Yes, when you order Cat Parts online through Hastings Deering, you can have your order delivered to any location across Australia. 


Servicing & Repairs FAQs

Hastings Deering provides servicing and repairs at our branches across Queensland and Northern Territory. You also have the option of booking a service online — please click on the relevant service to find out more. 

Field Service 
Workshop Service 
Hydraulic Hose Van Service 
Undercarriage Inspection Service

If you have any questions, please contact your local Hastings Deering branch
Hastings Deering’s world-class Cat field service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year across Queensland and Northern Territory. You can book a Cat field service with Hastings Deering here.
You can arrange a Cat workshop service at our branches across Queensland and Northern Territory or book a Cat workshop service online with Hastings Deering here.
Yes. You can schedule an on-site undercarriage inspection (including a quote to suit your underfoot conditions) here.
Yes. Hastings Deering on-site call-out service is available for scheduled repairs, inspections and hose management 24/7. Book a call-out here


Cat Rental Equipment FAQs

If you’re looking for Cat equipment rentals, Hastings Deering has you covered. We offer a broad range of Cat machines for hire at our branches across Queensland and Northern Territory with highly competitive rates and on-site delivery. Daily, weekly and long-term rental options are available, please contact your local Hastings Deering and The Cat Rental Store branch to find out more.
If you’re looking for Cat equipment rentals, visit one of the Hastings Deering branches across Queensland and Northern Territory.
If you're not a current Hastings Deering customer, please apply for a commercial credit account before submitting a rental request. Our simple online credit application process involves filling out a form and providing us with the necessary information. It takes 5 - 10 minutes to complete and the approval process takes 3-5 days. Apply for credit now
Hastings Deering is the official Cat supplier in Queensland and Northern Territory.  We offer daily, weekly and long-term Cat® Machinery Rental options, along with on-site delivery and the best Cat® Rental prices!
VisionLink is a secure, user-friendly app that works with your Cat® equipment and allied brands which you can use to quickly and easily retrieve information about your equipment fleet. It connects to the data and services you need to keep your fleet operating at optimum levels and provides you with insights across all operational aspects of your machines, including productivity levels and health. The key benefits to using VisionLink for Cat equipment owners include safe, efficient management, improved productivity, reduced operating costs and around-the-clock information availability. 
With VisionLink, equipment owners can track a variety of critical data and retrieve information that provides greater visibility over your fleet and helps you improve your business bottom line. This includes hours, distance, fuel, locations, idle time, asset status and asset utilisation. You can also track a variety of customer-defined asset states to ensure you’re accessing the right information for your fleet and business needs.
If your Cat equipment was purchased after 2017, it most likely features the telematics hardware required to connect with VisionLink. Call your local Hastings Deering branch to find out whether you’re already signed up for VisionLink or get further information on how to connect your Cat equipment. 


HDAdvantage™ FAQs

HDAdvantage™ is the new after-sales service program from Hastings Deering that comes standard on all new and used Cat® construction equipment and increases the reliability and profit-making potential of your equipment. The Hastings Deering team is committed to providing you with first-class service for your Cat equipment with uncompromising reliability. The benefits of HDAdvantage™ include maximised uptime, improved productivity and reduced operational costs.
HDAdvantage™ takes the guesswork out of equipment management by leveraging the latest generation telematics hardware and software solutions. Hastings Deering has a team of expert Machine Condition Monitoring Analysts who’ll proactively monitor the health of your Cat machines to help you maintain optimal machine performance, improve reliability and reduce service costs.
HDAdvantage™ provides your business with access to the latest next-generation Cat® Product Link™ telematic hardware along with a complimentary subscription to VisionLink® Daily or^ asset management systems that provide online access to your machine data. You’ll also receive access to Hastings Deering’s industry experts who’ll provide proactive data-driven machine insights to help you accurately assess the health and maintenance requirements of your Cat connected fleet. 
With HDAdvantage™, S•O•S Fluid Analysis gives you detailed information about oil and coolant conditions, component wear and more, while Cat® Inspect enables you to monitor your equipment with our effective and easy-to-use easy smartphone app that allows you to spot equipment health issues. 
HDAdvantage™ helps you earn more from your Cat equipment assets by maximising uptime, improving productivity and reducing operational costs. By giving you access to all your assets’ health and machine information, HDAdvantage™ provides full views of every aspect of your Cat equipment, including assets and fluid analysis reports, parts reports, financial reports and so much more. This enables you to access the information you need, when you need it and make informed ownership decisions that save and make you money.



Cat SIS 2.0 provides a simplified, intuitive and efficient way to access technical Cat parts and service information on any device, anytime, anywhere. This puts the Cat SIS parts and service information at your fingertips when you need it. There are many benefits to using Cat SIS 2.0, including its intuitive interface that’s easy to use with little to no training on desktop, phone or tablet. Additionally, it’s more efficient, making it quicker and easier to find parts and service information than ever before.
Cat created SIS 2.0 with a responsive cloud-based design which allows you to login from any device to find the parts and service information you need, whenever you need it. As the updated version of SIS Web, Cat SIS 2.0 delivers a mobile-friendly user experience with seamless navigation across Cat SIS parts and services and enhanced search functionality. Cat SIS 2.0 puts over 2 million service graphics, 1.5 million parts numbers and 44,000 parts and service documents at your fingertips.
To access Cat SIS 2.0, request additional and/or replacement user access, then complete the New User Request form, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and your HDAL rep will contact you to discuss. Please allow 2-4 working days to process your request.
You can log in to your Cat SIS 2.0 account here.


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