Nathan MacDonald Achieves G3600 Commissioner Status

21 December 2017
Congratulations to Toowoomba Field Service Fitter Nathan MacDonald who recently achieved authorisation status as a Caterpillar Certified G3600 Engine Commissioner, the only person in Hastings Deering and Australia.

Nathan travelled in early November to a Cat training facility in Miami Lakes, Florida, USA, where he completed his Commissioning Technical Program.

“It’s quite humbling to achieve this certification with Caterpillar, I have had the desire to achieve this feat for a few years now, and an opportunity arose where one of our customers was investing in some new gas compression packages unitising G3600’s as the driver,” he said.

“These engines cost well over $1 million new, so it is a huge responsibility to ensure these engines are commissioned properly.”

“It is something I am looking forward to - a map from a 2016 dealer conference showed there were no certified commissioners in the southern hemisphere.”

Nathan was put through technical training and as commissioner, has a very clear remit to keep his authority: responsibility for keeping current with all G3600 information, product improvements, service and information literature, and Caterpillar documentation.

“The assessment went smoothly as I prepared heavily for it,” Nathan said.

“There was quite a few pre-requisites that had to be met before you can apply for this assessment, which included several instructor led courses, and a specific online commissioning course.”

A minimum of one engine commissioned per year is required to keep accreditation current. A reaccreditation assessment is required every two years to maintain authorised status.

Well done Nathan, a big feather in your cap, and another offering Hastings Deering - and no other dealer - can provide to G3600 customers across Australia. These engines provide dependable power for large scale operations.

Photographed: Cat assessor Leonardo Diaz and Nathan MacDonald

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