Condition Monitoring Catches Failure Before It Happens

02 July 2018

Customer adoption of Hastings Deering Condition Monitoring services is growing at an exponential rate, and as a result, is changing basic fundamentals in the industry.

From GPS infrastructure to software products and fluid analysis, the specialist department are able to forecast failure and offer solutions to help customers improve efficiency and enhance safety.

Regular condition monitoring practices enhance the ability to identify small problems prior to developing further, before causing a failure that shuts vital equipment down. Reducing unscheduled repairs improves equipment availability, increases production, and reduces owning and operating costs.

In some cases, condition monitoring may also be used to provide condition-based preventive maintenance, which helps to reduce total lifetime fluid and filter usage, further reducing costs and environmental impacts.

With the technology tools available, both the program and processes demonstrate the commitment Hastings Deering has to delivering a fully integrated suite of equipment technologies and systems to support their customers.

Background information on all C175 engines available to the Technology Group, enables the EMServices team to receive electronic operational data on all 793F and 797F machines that were automatically reporting to Hastings Deering. This data along with all SOS, repair information and site conditions for these machines were analysed by a number of data analytical systems, allowing the team to support a large number of machines efficiently and accurately.

Specifically, a customer’s 797F machine showed a significant drop in engine oil pressure over a 24 hour period which is greater than the allowable limit advised by Caterpillar, yet was still above the lower engine oil pressure alarm limit. This prompted a call to the site Leading Hand.

Having followed up with recommended inspections, the site proceeded with engine oil pressure tests when the engine oil was both cold and hot. Samples taken prove that it was diluted with fuel. Further investigations based on information the EMServices provided, found significant damage to additional components.

Hastings Deering Technology Services Manager, James Barnard comments “The proactive information on equipment allows for a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan to be setup. Analysing data from a combination of elements helps to accurately access the health and operating condition of critical equipment.”

The 24/7 monitoring process detects anomalies and abnormal signals by simultaneously looking at multiple parameters, allowing specialists to provide recommendations for checking assets long before problems are apparent.

“Our vision is to provide customers with an end-to-end solution by delivering actionable data that can be used to create an informed decision. We correct emerging problems and move unscheduled repairs to scheduled shutdowns.”

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