RACQ CQ Rescue Partnership

20 February 2019

Hastings Deering to help take rescue to new heights.

Hastings Deering has partnered with RACQ CQ Rescue to deliver life-saving aeromedical and emergency helicopter rescue services to people across the Central Queensland region.

RACQ CQ Rescue CEO Ian Rowan said the community was indebted to its new supporters who have committed to helping fund the not-for-profit service which was absolutely vital to the sick and injured within Central and North Queensland.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such vital support from these new, high-profile partners which ensures we can have a world-class aeromedical helicopter service on our doorstep and available anywhere, anytime throughout Central Queensland,” Mr Rowan said.

“RACQ CQ Rescue is a vital part of emergency support for all workers in this region and it’s reassuring to know organisations like Hastings Deering appreciate the value of supporting our helicopter and that with their commitment we can continue to provide our vital, lifesaving service to anyone in a time of crisis,” he said.

“The reality is we rely heavily on sponsorships and donations so the community’s help is vital to keeping the helicopter available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and ready to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice, anywhere, anytime.”

Mr Rowan said CQ Rescue’s operational expenses would be in the vicinity of $9.4 million in 2019, with more than half of this amount being contributed from sponsorships, corporate donations, workplace giving, events and community contributions.

“Thankfully, we have community-conscious organisations who generously donate funds to ensure our life-saving service is available to people in our community when they need it most,” he said.

With the rescue helicopter’s workload increasing annually, last year clocking up a record 636 tasks, it was a reflection of the ever-growing necessity for such a life-saving organisation which serviced an area more than four times the size of Tasmania.

Hastings Deering Central Queensland Area Manager Daniel Viero said they were proud to be associated with the rescue service.

“The rescue chopper is a great fit for Hastings Deering given we have more than 1500 employees living and working in Central Queensland and it makes sense for us to partner with this vital community service,” Mr Viero said.

With over $5 million raised annually by RACQ CQ Rescue, much of the work carried out by the team behind the brand, involved much travel during and outside of normal work hours.

“Without RACQ CQ Rescue, many lives would be lost or changed forever, and we welcome our newest partners who join a wonderful group of community-minded, safety-conscious organisations in support of RACQ CQ Rescue,” he said.

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