Building a better workplace

Together as One

09 May 2019

Building a better workforce – Together as One

Every day, thousands of people come to work at Hastings Deering and every time they walk through our doors, we want them to know how valued they are.

Our Flexibility and Inclusion Initiative was launched in January 2018 and is designed to create an environment where all our people feel like they belong.

We celebrate our differences and believe that it is those differences that make us stronger.

No matter your age, race, gender, abilities, sexual orientation or status, we believe that everyone belongs at Hastings Deering.

Together as One, we can create a diverse and powerful workforce that enables us to understand our customers, innovate and deliver excellence.

Australian Mining recently spoke with Executive Manager – safety and sustainability, Suzannah D’Juliet to learn more about the ‘Together as One’ initiative. You can read the full article here: Australian Mining

The initiative recognises the need for a greater variety of voices within our company, to promote our values by fostering a culture of acceptance and inclusion among staff.

The ‘Together as One’ initiative is separated into five action areas: culture, gender, abilities, LGBT and generational.

These areas represent characteristics recognised as putting people at risk of workplace discrimination and prejudice.

Hastings Deering Executive Manager – safety and sustainability, Suzannah D’Juliet, leads the ‘initiative and says the program ensures everyone gets the right to a fair go at work.

If we can cover that kind of participation across all five of our initiative areas we’ll get better outcomes. We understand that’s how we get peak performance,” D’Juliet said.

The purpose of the initiative is to ensure that the 3500 people who come to work at Hastings Deering every day know no matter their race, gender identity, abilities, sexual orientation or age, they belong at the company and have a right to feel safe and supported so they can do their best work.

The program was launched in January 2018 and is designed for our people by our people – we have executive sponsors, but our action groups are teams of people from a wide variety of job roles who participate across all levels of the business.”

The five action areas are designed to integrate with Hastings Deering’s four existing enterprise values – no harm, integrity, transparency, and care.

D'Juliet says Hastings Deering is just starting its journey towards better representation for women.

We’re working towards a gender balance because it makes good business sense to do so,” D’Juliet says.

We want our business to reflect our communities, markets and customers. It is through valuing our difference and embracing our diversity of thought that we will be able to achieve no harm, build value for our shareholders, create great jobs for our people and provide exceptional service for our customers.”

It is only when we work together as one, that we will build a better future for all.

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