National Reconciliation Week

27 May 2019

Raising the flag for reconciliation

For the past 24 years, National Reconciliation Week (NRW) has provided opportunities for all Australians to building relationships through special events and activities.

It is a week of conversations and connections where everyone is invited to share in the cultures of the First Australians. Today, NRW is celebrated by businesses, schools, organisations and individuals.

As part of our ‘Together as One’ initiative, Hastings Deering recognised NRW by raising the Indigenous flag across our business centre network for the week starting Monday 27th May.

The Hastings Deering flag raising ceremonies were an opportunity to promote our commitment to building a respectful, welcoming and understanding workforce and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and communities.

The theme of this year’s NRW is “Grounded in Truth. Walk Together in Courage”.

Recognizing and participating in NRW provides Hastings Deering the perfect opportunity to reinforce our commitment to reconciliation and reflects our values of No Harm, Integrity, Transparency and Care.

Hastings Deering is also currently in the process of developing our first Reconciliation Action Plan and NRW is a further opportunity to raise awareness of our reconciliation journey and celebrate our traditional cultures and shared history.

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