Used Cat 950k Wheel Loader

15 July 2019

No distance too far to source the perfect machine.

When sourcing a quality Cat Used Machine, no distance is too far, not even 18,000 kilometers! In what would take over 3 months to deliver, a Used 950k Wheel loader was sourced from the United Kingdom, and transported to Auckland, New Zealand.

When moving over 10,000 tonnes of firewood per year, the team from Ignition Firewood knew they needed to find the best machine to replace a trusted 35-year-old wheel loader on site.

This became a 10-month mission for Carlos Ter Huurne, Managing Director of Ignition Firewood to find not only the best quality used machine, but one that could keep up with the demands of a tough application.

Mr Ter Huurne said after pricing up several competitors Used machines, the decision on this critical piece of equipment was made due to resale value, ease of service and the quality of the machine.

“It’s better to have a secondhand version of the best machine on the market, than a brand new machine of the second best.” Said Mr Ter Huurne.

950k wheel loader being delivered

With the decision made, Carlos contacted the Used Equipment team at Hastings Deering about a 950K Wheel loader he found while scrolling through the used equipment listings online.

This machine was a 2-valve 950k loader, which would require retrospective fitting of a third valve to be compatible with the log forks required in his application.

Corey Stagg Used Equipment Sales Representative at Hastings Deering specializes in sourcing international and interstate used equipment for Hastings Deering customers and went looking for a better option for Carlos.

Mr Stagg. said that sourcing a machine with factory installed fitting was paramount to closing the deal and ensuring that Carlos got what he needed.

“The original 950k that Carlos looked at didn’t have the necessary valves to attach the much-needed log forks. In the end, we managed to source the a 950k with factory installed third valve option, lower hours, and at a lower cost.”

“The process took 3 months from first contact to actual delivery as the machine was in the UK. We had this shipped to Brisbane so that we could inspect the machine before finally shipping off to Auckland for delivery to Ignition Firewood.” He said.

950k wheel loader delivery

“The customer ended up with a better machine, at a lower price than what he originally sourced.”

Carlos said that the Cat 950k is a critical part of the production needed to unload trucks, load the log decks for cutting and move cages of firewood into piles and were impressed with the performance on the machine once it got on site.

“It is definitely more efficient on fuel and smoother to drive. Easier to unload log trucks with the hi lift and clearer vision through the windscreen” he said.

When asked about his impressions of the Used 950K Wheel loader, Carlos simply says “It’s a beast. Love it!”

About Ignition Firewood. Ignition Firewood is the premium supplier of bulk firewood throughout Auckland based in Drury. Stating in 2012 with an axe and an old ute, the company is now supplying over 10,000 tonnes of firewood per year, with one of the best production lines in New Zealand. Offering Kiln-dried products with unmatched quality, and a fleet of narrow cab tippers, Ignition Firewood delivers year round to the Auckland region. Visit Ignition Firewood here: Ignition Firewood New Zealand

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