CBS Civil Contracting 336GC Excavator

03 September 2019


True to the Australian way, Darwin based contractor CBS Civil Contracting has proven that the Next Generation GC range is up for the challenge of building a 6-Star Hotel. The Darwin Westin Hotel - a $200 million private sector investment in Northern Territory - is seeing project targets met using the first Australian delivery of the Cat® 336 GC Hydraulic Excavator.

Built to the renowned expectations of Cat equipment, the 336 GC is a solid machine with the mandatory safety and functional technology, while harnessing the grunt of a classic. All this, at a competitive price.

Hastings Deering Sales Representative George Brown knows how important it is to his client to gain the best value for money, particularly in a changing market. He says, "The Cat 336 GC balances productivity with easy-to-use controls, a new comfortable cab and improved fuel efficiency. Owners can expect up to 15 percent less maintenance cost than the 336F due to extended service intervals."

For Dave Lloyd of CBS Civil Contracting, purchasing a new Cat machine wasn't questionable, rather the choice in which model was the most viable to the business with features to suit his needs.

"I'm a Cat advocate, 95% of my gear is Cat. I can't fault the product and I find a noticeable difference in the quality with digging and overall performance. Cat is the best product I have ever worked with, but not every project requires top-of-the-range computer technology. We simply need the job done well - effective, efficient and with a low operating cost.

The Caterpillar GC Models make owning Cat machines an affordable option in lower risk situations, there is enough smarts to sell this machine as an operator option.

Mr Lloyd says, "The OEM Manual is inbuilt to the computer system on the Cat 336 GC. This is a quality feature.  It may seem simple but to try and keep manuals in machines is challenging but now it’s time saving.

336gc next generation excavator

When Hastings Deering presented the business case through Mr Brown, simplicity weighed in.  He states, "What the Cat 336 GC excavator did for CBS Civil Contracting was to provide an option in this size class that matched what our competitors are doing; quote an excavator and then add grade control, automation, design on-the-go capabilities, lift management systems, E Fences.

"Once these figures sit side by side, it's easy to see options, clarity and which attributes will bring value and profit to a business. We want the best for our customers, being as productive as possible while minimising risk and costs.

Mr Brown adds, "The product speaks for itself with CBS having their 336 GC in high demand. If you're in the market, or considering an upgrade, I can only advise decision makers to look at all their options."

The Cat 336 GC has an essential ease of use with both operation and maintenance tasks. Features like selectable operator controls (saved to each operator ID) and ground level daily checks are just the beginning of why the GC range are more productive and so widely accepted. Necessary technology attributes have been maintained including machine system monitoring, operator event tracking and filter life and maintenance details via the in-cab monitor.

Put this in hand with the increased visibility and completely adjustable operator station, it is easy to see why these machines so much more productive.

The luxury Westin Darwin Hotel commenced construction in March this year.  With Stage One currently in progress, the project has generated employment for many locals and surrounding businesses, with the NT Government committing $17 million towards public infrastructure. The hotel is expected to open in 2022.

336GC Excavators

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