New PM Trailers growing Field Service

06 September 2019

New PM Trailers expand Field Service territory to Roma

With the demand for field service increasing, Hastings Deering have expanded their service region with the help of custom Shermac Preventative Maintenance (PM) trailers.

The first of the new trailers arrived in November 2018, with a further 2 joining the fleet in 2019. These new PM trailers have been custom manufactured alongside the team at Shermac to ensure performance improvement within the Hastings Deering Field Service team.

Since the arrival of the first trailer, the field service teams have been able to increase the capacity to carry out services, labor, parts & oil sales, as well as to expand the operational region towards Roma resulting in less downtime for customers.


Casey Dallas, Field Service Supervisor at Hastings Deering said that as a dealer, customers expect the fitters to complete a service with the most up to date equipment to do the job.


“The trailers make us look more professional, and because they have everything on board, it allows the team to complete services quickly, safely and without mess.”


“The fitters do not need to decant oils from drums anymore, all waste oil can be sucked straight into the tank on the trailer. Then new oil is then pumped directly from the tanks on the trailer, into the machines being serviced.”


“It’s a much cleaner and easier way to work. Environmentally, this solution reduces the risk of spillage and contamination that may occur when working out of drums.”

hastings deering preventative maintenance

“By increasing our capabilities in this region, we were able to expand our service offering to customers further out into the regional areas.” He said.


Robert Ray, Business Development Manager for Shermac, said that the Shermac team specialize in building customized support vehicles.

“These trailers are built around a “build for purpose model” which means that every project is built to order,” he said.

“Each location has different needs. The capacity requirements for servicing depend on many different factors; the distances the team travel, the towing vehicles available and the machinery they take care of.”

“We worked with the Hastings Deering team to understand what was needed, we talked to the team in the field to develop a specific trailer that would best suit their servicing requirements, this varied from site to site, but we were able to work with them to bring it down to 2 different style trailers. This helped with standardizing the fleet but also giving each branch a unit that met their requirements”

Mr. Dallas said, that the new trailers not only made it easier for the team to perform maintenance efficiently, the affordability of the offering will allow for long term growth in the region.

“The new trailers are a lot more affordable and economical to run. Traditionally we have had PM trucks to carry out our servicing work, but these are expensive to purchase, run and maintain.”

“These new trailers enable us to add more to our fleet easily, we can service quickly and efficiently, and it is easier to look at potential expansion opportunities in future.” Said Mr. Dallas.

“The Shermac team are the SME’s in this space and they were flexible, easy to work with and produced what we needed quickly and efficiently.”

About Shermac. Born out a need for high quality, engineered-for-purpose industrial vehicles and equipment, Shermac specialise in custom built water cartage and support vehicles for the Mining, Civil, and Commercial sectors. Our products are effective, efficient, safe, and easy to use. By consulting with all of our clients, we are able to provide custom engineered solutions to suit their specific requirements. 

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