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18 November 2019

Reducing emissions from stump to mill

Signifying an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability in their region, Hastings Deering has partnered with Timber Queensland as a Silver Associate Sponsor.

Wayne Partridge, Major Accounts & Forestry Manager at Hastings Deering said that this sponsorship highlights their commitment to providing sustainable solutions to the forestry industry with the most efficient, productive and reliable machinery.

“Working with Timber Queensland has highlighted the need to ensure that our equipment is maintained effectively to offer the highest productivity with the lowest emissions possible.”

The focus on machine maintenance and fleet management, is evaluated through a New Product Information system. This system reviews equipment and components that support the forestry application and builds a long-term preventative maintenance plan.

“With all new equipment, we conduct an NPI process to prepare our team and the customers for on-going preventative maintenance and parts supply. This allows us to check the machines regularly for components that are at risk of wearing or failing under the conditions. We put in place parts or additional services to minimize downtime.

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From core forestry machines that help with road building, mill-yard and reforestation, right through to purpose-built machinery to harvest, extract and load, Hastings Deering develops forestry solutions to aid with forestry production from stump to mill.

An increased focus on forest management and demand for forestry equipment has led to innovations in the equipment range. Overall machine design, new engines, and optimized components provide exceptional fuel savings with maximum productivity.

“Forest machinery must be reliable and durable to cope with sizeable trees, variable terrain and remote locations. Maximizing fuel economy is essential to helping reduce the emissions impact on the environment”

“The newest equipment in the Caterpillar & Weiler ranges are designed to maximize efficiency and productivity while conserving natural resources. With engines equipped to meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 and 4 Final and EU Stage III and IV emission standards.” Said Mr Partridge.

Offering greater fuel efficiency, these machines reduce the amount of emissions per unit of work completed. Fewer parts and longer component life, less fuel and fluids, means less to replace and less to dispose.

Major structures and components are built to be rebuilt, reducing waste and replacement costs.

In addition to the machinery improvements in fuel efficiency, the shared dealer network expertise helps to drive faster and more productive solutions for customers.

“One of the major benefits we offer, is that we leverage our industry partners and dealer network expertise to help drive the best outcomes for our customers. If Goughs Group in New Zealand has expertly modified a wheel loader for a forestry application, and we can see this benefiting our customers, we will work with them to improve the offering in our market.”

Familiar with the needs and requirements in a range of forestry applications, the Hastings Deering offering includes a range of Caterpillar and Weiler equipment including; skidders, dozers, wheel loaders, excavators, log loaders.

About Timber Queensland: The production and use of Queensland timber has become more sustainable than ever.  Timber Queensland works with government and industry to improve environmental initiatives, making sustainability our industry’s competitive advantage.Visit Timber Queensland

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