R2900 Arrives at Hastings Deering

17 February 2020

The new Cat R2900 arrives at Hastings Deering


Building on the legacy of the R2900G, the new Cat® R2900 Underground Loader now offers the highest standard of exhaust emissions on the market while maintaining the performance operators have come to know from the previous models.

Mr. Rob Shea, Hastings Deering Underground Hardrock Product Manager says that the engine end frame of the R2900 Underground Loader has been redesigned to accommodate an EU stage 5 exhaust package which incorporates the clean emissions module behind the guard.

“The modular design of the R2900 has allowed for multiple changes and upgrades to strengthen and add durability to the machine,” he states. “The hydraulic system and front frame have remained the same, so the update is really focused on the emissions and modular design layout of the rear frame.”

The redesign of the engine end frame has incorporated the R1700 modular design philosophy while building a towards emissions reduction.  Key improvements are:

a. Rear corner castings increasing strength and durability and also incorporating tow points.  
b. The radiator support is stronger and less susceptible to impact damage
c. A single modular fuel tank located in a protected location and fully removable for repair, if necessary
d. High ambient cooling package with a new modular core radiator
e. Relocated axle oil coolers and filters for ease of access and maintenance
f. Protected Fire suppression storage location out of the way improving access and ease of maintenance
g. New door latch monitoring system for operator safety
h. ProductLink Elite replacing VIMS 3G for improved access to machine health data

“In redesigning the rear frame of the machine, the fuel tanks have been moved and have now been replaced by solid casting with an integrated tow hook. This has allowed more room for a larger and higher ambient cooler package.”

“Cat have also relocated the axle oil coolers to a more easily accessible rear-guard location. Service points and the fully modular fuel tank have been installed behind the right-hand side rear wheel.”

These relocated components ensure that they can be unbolted, replaced or repaired as needed, without requiring the frame to be cut. 

“Overall, the redesign of the rear frame allows for more strength of the radiator cowl and ambient cooler.

“The new R2900 maintains the same 17.2 tonne payload capacity and all the same performance you have come to expect from the R2900G while offering the highest emissions control available on the market.”

Cat machines are “built to be rebuilt”, and the evolution of the modular design on the R2900 has made this process easier and more sustainable for customers.

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