Meeting Critical Needs for Customers

09 April 2020

Meeting Critical Needs for Customers

When a ‘Critical Life Order’ is placed with our team, they work tirelessly to ensure that this is urgently fulfilled and dispatched to our customers.

With COVID-19 forcing a rapid deterioration in the domestic airfreight market, there has been significant volatility on lead times for any orders moving via airfreight in recent weeks.

However, on March 26th, Dave Wilson, Product Support Representative at Hastings Deering received the call that a rural community in Northern Territory needed parts for a generator, the team flew straight into action.

At 2.30pm on the Wednesday afternoon, Dave received the call urgently requesting parts for a 3512 emergency diesel generator. 

The Generator was providing power to a remote community and the order was deemed critical due to the potential impact on the life of a member in that community.

The local Darwin Parts Expediating team, followed correct protocol with Caterpillar, resulting in effective engagement with the transport teams to have the parts moved as high priority. 

With the concerning decline in airfreight, the immediate challenge was further complicated as the parts needed to be sourced from both Melbourne and Brisbane.

Within an hour, the team had the order processed and working closely with the Transport teams and airfreight carriers, the parts were consigned for travel on the next available flights to be delivered to the Darwin Business Centre.

Less than 24 hours later, the parts were received at the Darwin Business Centre and dispatched directly to the customer.

An incredible effort from the entire team in servicing customer needs and achieving the required outcome, in the face of supply chain restrictions in a time of unprecedented airfreight volatility.


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