Breathing Life Into New Machines - Rebuild Options

27 April 2020

Breathing new life into tough machines.  

There is no denying that heavy machinery is used in some of the toughest and most unrelenting environments and they need to be built tough to take on the extreme conditions.

With the adage ‘built to be rebuilt’, Cat® machines, power trains and major components are not only built tough the first time but are also built to live a second life for customers.

Through Cat Certified Component Rebuild Options, Hastings Deering delivers the second life with like-new performance and productivity, with the latest Caterpillar Technology.

Alec Bruce, Service Manager at Hastings Deering, said that one of the biggest benefits of the Machine and Component Rebuild Options, is that the machines are returned good as new, at a significantly lower cost.

“The rebuild options come in at around 65% of the cost of a new machine. This is a good capital investment option to get a second life out of an asset” he states. “The asset is restored to as-new condition with the same warranty provided as with a new machine.

“Our customers have input into what extra’s they would like to add while the machine is under rebuild in their local facility. With the new machine warranty, our customers have peace of mind knowing that they will be looked after if something were to fail.”

cat certified rebuild sticker

With 3 years as the Service Manager, Mr. Bruce is involved from start to finish in all machine rebuilds that go through the Hastings Deering Mackay facility.

“My job is to make sure everyone involved understands the plan so it can be executed correctly. Communication, coordination and collaboration are key.”

“Some machine rebuilds can be up to a 9-week process, we provide onsite support to make sure we achieve the highest standard of reliability when the machine goes back to work.”

A Cat Certified Component or Machine Rebuild sees the complete disassembly of the machine, right down to the frame, leaving no part or component untouched.

The machine is rebuilt from the ground up to include all Caterpillar product updates, by a team of highly experienced fitters, supported by a dedicated administration employee responsible for quality assurance documentation.

“Teams are made up of the Foreman, who controls the day to day running of the rebuild, fitters, admin personnel, and a Service Advisor who is the single point of contact between the workshop and customer to make sure everything is covered off on a weekly basis.” 

“Quality checks are done on a daily basis by the workshop quality control coordinator, this way we don’t miss a thing,” he said.

During the process, 99% new parts and quality are built in to ensure the same high level of performance as a brand-new Caterpillar machine.

Each rebuild follows a Cat-approved process — beginning with a thorough cleaning of every component and ending with rigorous testing to ensure quality.

“At Hastings Deering, we understand that customers want peace of mind with their equipment and we now offer the benefit of an extensive 24 months / 4000 hour warranty coverage on both parts and service for Certified  New Component, Exchange Component and or Machine or Component Rebuild .”

Check out our repair options here:

full machine rebuild process

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