Caterpillar D6 (1942)

05 August 2020

Caterpillar D6

The first D6 (RD6) was manufactured in Peoria, Illinois, USA in 1935 and the D6 model still continues today with over 200,000 D6 tractors manufactured!

This tractor is a 5R series and these were manufactured in Peoria, Illinois, USA in 1941 and continued through to 1947 with a total of 5515 machines manufactured during those 6 years.

Weighing 12 tons it was a very versatile tractor and was extremely popular during the 1940’s/50’s for constructing roads, clearing timber to develop the land, building dams and snigging logs in the timber industry.

If operating in normal conditions this tractor would use approx. 4.5 gallons or 18lts of diesel per hour.

vintage d6 dozer

The following specifications are for the 5R series tractor:

Engine - D468 series
6 cylinder diesel engine
468 cubic inch capacity (7.7lts)
Bore 4.25 inch and Stroke 5.5 inch
72hp (54kw) at the flywheel
65hp at the PTO

Pilot Motor (starter motor)
2 cylinder petrol engine

Transmission – Manual Direct Drive

5 x Forward gears
4 x Reverse gears 

Fluid Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity - 48 US Gallons (approx. 180lts)
Crankcase Oil Capacity - 19 Quarts (approx. 18lts)
Transmission Oil Capacity - 38 Quarts (approx. 40lts)
Final Drive Oil Capacity      - 12 Quarts (approx. 12lts) for each

Cable controlled blade / Weighs 12 tons / Narrow Gauge 60 inch

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