The Cat® Trials are BACK!

06 October 2020

The Cat Trials are BACK!

Record Breaking

You know there’s a challenge around every corner and Cat products and services allow you to rise above them and do the work.

The Cat® Trials have documented some incredible feats… from a gigantic game of Jenga to an outrageous setup of dominoes.

From a mountain of a man taking on bulldozer to twin pro golfers aiming for a hole-in-one on a moving green.

We’ve been all over the world…. from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to a remote village on the side of a mountain in China. And don’t forget the China shop where we let a “bull” loose. Along the way, the Trials have rumbled their way into the Guinness Book of World Records… twice!

Doing the Work

The work you do demands a steady hand and a high level of skill. Like the trials, whether your jobs are simple or complex, we know you work in the most extreme conditions on Earth and we thank you.

The trials involve accomplishing tasks that were limited only by imagination - a fun way to represent the unique challenges you face every single day.

Check out The ninth Cat® Trial video is PAC-MAN™

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