Cat Trial 11 - Hot Wheels

Cat Trial 11 - Hot wheels

01 October 2021

Cat Trials 11 - Hot Wheels®

It’s not just for little kids anymore. We are celebrating the power of play in a much bigger version of an iconic childhood toy car, Hot Wheels®.

Using our Next Generation Cat® Wheel loaders and other Cat gear an epic playground was created for life-size versions of our favourite Hot Wheels cars.

Professional Stunt drivers and track designers were brought to work alongside our machines and operators to bring this childhood dream to life. Not only building the track but driving it as well. 


The cars have even been tailor to highlight our Cat® services.

Baja Truck / Certified Rebuild
We believe in the success and durability of our Cat Certified Rebuild equipment, rebuilt can do anything a new machine can, even racing around a dirt track. Our Cat Certified Rebuild program allows you to bring your old used machinery back to life at a fraction of the cost to new equipment. 

Buggy / Self Service Options
We understand that it’s just easier to complete your own repairs and maintenance and the Cat Trial 11 Buggy star's our Self-Serve Options. Select from our broad range of self-service options, with packages including everything you need to do the work yourself. 

Loop Car /  Hoses & Couplings
Hoses, couplings and assembly kits are extremely important to any hydraulic equipment that’s why they have been featured on one of the loop cars. Available in a broad line of high, medium and low-pressures to suit not just Cat equipment, but any make and model of machinery. 

Loop Car / Cat Financial
Another one of the loop cars, features your global equipment finance partner, Cat Financial. We offer a range of tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Rip Rod / Repairs Options
Whether you are facing a planned or unplanned component overhaul or replacement, having a more diverse range of repair options helps to lower operating costs and meet your production demands. Whether you are facing a planned or unplanned component overhaul or replacement, having a more diverse range of repair options helps to lower operating costs and meet your production demands.

The Power of STEM

The power of Play lays the foundation for learning and STEM, creating future innovators, leaders, educators, and everything in between. Cat Trial 11 highlights this foundation strategy which focuses on human infrastructure, investing in programs to advance workforce readiness, skill development and STEM education. 

The Caterpillar Foundation has found that teaching STEM principles to kids through interactive play opens up a world of potential—having a curriculum mirror play only helps kids learn STEM skills and critical thinking, and allows children to grow their creativity, critical thinking, and cognitive, social, emotional and physical capacities.

A child’s imagination has no boundaries and imagination is the key to innovating beyond what’s perceived to be impossible. Cat Trail 11: Hot Wheels pays tribute to the power of play and the toys that have inspired so many to dream big, and to STEM who makes those dreams possible. 

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Cat Next Gen Wheel Loaders
It couldn’t be done without the use of Cat Wheel Loaders. Specifically designed to handle all jobs, include building a life size Hot Wheel track. They are purpose built to be just the right machine to get your everyday jobs done. Therefore, they were the perfect machine for Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels. 

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