Mater Foundation & Breast Cancer Network Australia

Mater Chicks in Pink logo
Hastings Deering holds an annual breakfast for 150 employees and suppliers to raise funds to for Mater Foundation through their Mater Chicks in Pink programme. The funds are used to generate positive, significant and real impact on people who are affected by breast cancer and contribute to the better understanding and treatment of breast cancer through medical research. Mater Chicks in Pink supports Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, Mater Private Hospital Redland, Mater Hospital Brisbane and Mater Research.

Run for MI Life

Run for MI Life logo

Mackay Sugar Run For MI Life is held in the name of Matthew Ivory who sadly took his own life on the 19th October 2012. 

Matt was a fun-loving, kind hearted person who enjoyed a joke and relished making others laugh. His death was both unexpected and devastating to those who knew him. The event aims to change the perception of depression and suicide in our community and take away the negative stigma attached.

Since the first run in 2014, Run For MI Life has spread to 3 locations, seen thousands of people run and has raised over $150,000 to inspire people to seek help and support when it's needed. A large focus of Run For MI Life is to ensure that the SafeTALK course is able to be offered for FREE within the communities that run, to make them suicide safe. This year, we intend on donating our proceeds to the Grapevine Group, it is our goal to raise $100,000 and donate to this organisation.


Port Moresby General Hospital Corporate Blood Drive

Port Moresby General Hospital is the largest hospital in Papua New Guinea. It is located in Korobosea, a suburb of Port Moresby in the National Capital District. Hastings Deering actively supports the Port Moresby General Hospital annual corporate blood drive and has done so for since 2015 with in kind sponsorship and a business wide blood donation campaign.  Blood is vital for life and for many people, blood donors are their lifeline. Currently, it is thought that only 1 in 30 people give blood, but 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime.

Business for Health – Tuberculosis Awareness Programme

Businesses for Health:  Tuberculosis (TB) exists because Papua New Guinea has some of the highest rates of TB disease in the world, increasing incidence of drug­ resistant TB, and inadequate healthcare services.  The programme is designed to ensure the local communities know what to do if they are concerned about signs or symptoms of TB amongst colleagues or family members. Hastings Deering is committed to working with Business for Health to help eradicate Tuberculosis in PNG.
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