Cold Planers

Cat PM620

Milling Width
Milling Depth
Operating Weight
Whether texturing the surface or milling an airport runway, highway or urban street, this cold planer will deliver precision and efficient high production to your operation. Its versatility can be enhanced with many customisable options available to suit your application. The PM620 is a well equipped and advanced cold planer that will deliver immediate payoff for contractors.


Cutting System
Maximum Milling Depth 330mm Milling Width 2010mm Number of Bits 178 Rotor Speeds 100 / 109 / 118 rpm
Power Train
Engine Cat C18 Maximum Milling Speed 100m/min Maximum Travel Speed 5.9km/h Rated Power 470kW
Operating Weight 33330kg Transport Weight 29430kg
Conveyor Swing 60 degrees from center Height - Canopy 4.05m Maximum Truck Clearance 4.86m Minimum Left Cutting Radius 2m Minimum Right Cutting Radius 2m Operating Length - Conveyor Up 14.52m Operating Width 3.11m Transport Height 3m Transport Length 12.43m Transport Width 2.48m
Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System 85l Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank 47l Engine Oil 65l Fuel Tank 1108l Hydraulic Tank 113l Water Spray System Tank 3400l
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