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ACCESS YOUR PORTAL is your online portal for fleet, operations and financial management. Access the portal on any device, anywhere, anytime, to manage your assets, financial and parts transaction data. You will also experience direct access to Cat digital solutions such as Parts.Cat.Com and SIS Web with a single sign-in.

Your hastings Deering Customer Portal


The portal has 4 different roles which unlock separate areas of information.
Multiple roles can be requested to give you the customised views you need.

Executive Role

Gives you access to all data. This role is a combination of Fleet, Operations and Financial roles, and also includes a dashboard of the most important and requested graphs and indicators.

Fleet Role

Gives you access to all your assets health and machine information, including:

  • Assets & Fluid Analysis Reports
  • Total Assets
  • Connected Assets
  • Warranty Information
  • S.O.S Alerts℠
  • S.O.S Analysis Results℠

Operations Role

Gives you access to data related to parts ordering, including:

  • Parts Reports
  • Open Parts Orders
  • Parts Order History

Financials Role

Gives you access to financial data, including:

  • Financial Reports
  • Credit Limits
  • Open Transactions
  • Invoice History
  • Unpaid Invoices


Put yourself in position to hear the story your machines are trying to tell you - their health, utilisation, location and hours. We have the experience and expertise to get you connected.


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