Keep generators powering when it matters most

No facility or business wants to run the risk of a total power blackout. If the primary power source falters, you need to be sure your backup can handle the load.

Our unmatched service network is your advantage, when it matters most, to keep your generators powering. Hastings Deering supports your operation to reduce downtime and ensure power availability for:

  • Standby and supplementary power for commercial and residential buildings, hospitals and shopping centres.
  • Prime power for mine sites, camp sites and power stations.
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for data centres.
When it comes to electric power supply, we deliver complete parts and service support - wherever and whenever you need it.
Hastings Deering broad options for engine and generator servicing, parts and maintenance
Range of Options

Broad options for service, maintenance and parts to keep your engines and generators powering.

Expert advice and power system solutions
Advice & Repair

Expert advice and solutions to maximise value and optimise performance.

Hastings Deering specialist technicians to support your Cat engines and power systems
Quote & Repair

Timely quote and repair by specialist technicians using leading technology, procedures and tools.

Cat Power Systems Support
Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind that your engines and power systems are operating at their peak when it matters most.

Want more detail?

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