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Benefits Of Regular Servicing And Genuine Cat Parts

28 January 2021

The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance and Genuine Cat Parts

You’ve invested in top-of-the-line Cat® equipment that optimises on-site performance and enables your business to achieve more, but what are you doing to protect and maximise that investment? If you underestimate the importance of routine equipment maintenance and using genuine Cat parts, you’re not only missing out on the opportunity to maximise your business bottom line by lowering the costs associated with equipment ownership, you could also be putting your business’s most important asset — your people — at risk. While some businesses take a “why pay for servicing if nothing’s broken” approach to mining and construction equipment maintenance, adopting that approach costs more in the long run. And not only in terms of higher maintenance and repair costs, but also on-site injuries and accidents that lead to workplace compensation and negligence claims. Well-maintained machinery not only performs better, it’s also safer for your operators and everyone on site. If you’ve been lax about preventative equipment maintenance in the past, here are some of the top reasons why it’s something that you, as a business owner, can’t afford to overlook.

Preventative Maintenance Keeps Cat Machinery in Top Condition

There’s considerable financial outlay involved in procuring high-quality Cat equipment and failing to invest in preventative maintenance puts that investment at risk. Preventative equipment maintenance is key to extending the life of construction and mining equipment, saving your business money and helping to avoid unnecessary and expensive downtime.

When you purchase new Cat machinery, it’s in optimal condition and operates at maximum performance, helping your business achieve more on-site and bolstering your bottom line by completing projects on time and on budget. That’s something every business aspires to, so doesn’t it make sense to keep it in top working condition with preventative maintenance?

Being proactive about construction and mining equipment maintenance can reduce repair costs significantly, with some studies suggesting savings of more than 25% over an item of equipment’s lifetime. That’s just savings associated with reduced repairs costs — there’s also reduced downtime, increased efficiency which reduces overheads like labour costs, extended equipment life, and improved equipment resale value. That’s an important factor, after all, when it’s time to upgrade, you want to get a top price for your used Cat equipment.

Reduce Potential for Workplace Accidents and Injuries

One of the most important aspects of preventive equipment maintenance — and operating a business reliant on heavy equipment — is the reduced potential for workplace accidents and injuries. According to Safe Work Australia, in 2012-13, work-related injuries and illnesses in Australia cost an estimated $61.8 billion and are on the rise. However, there’s more to be concerned about than the financial aspects of injuries and accidents alone — there’s also the duty of care you show your employees and their resulting job satisfaction.

When your operators see that accidents could have been avoided and that their employer is prioritising cost-cutting over their on-site safety and wellbeing, that doesn’t make for a happy workforce and you could find yourself losing top talent to the competition. Not to mention experiencing difficulties recruiting skilled equipment operators to maximise your investment in top-of-the-line heavy equipment and machinery. Never underestimate the value skilled operators bring to your business or the positive difference that well-maintained machinery makes on an operator’s day-to-day activities and their opinion of you as an employer.

Key Types of Preventative Equipment Maintenance

Creating and following a preventative construction and mining equipment maintenance plan is at the core of a business’s ability to maximise investments in quality machinery and keep workers safe on site. To achieve business goals where activities reliant on heavy machinery and equipment are concerned, the key types of preventative maintenance include:

Condition Monitoring and Control

On a day-to-day basis, business owners can leverage analysis tools like VisionLink™ Daily# which provide a full picture of your fleet. This enables you to make more informed decisions that reduce maintenance costs and improve both on-site productivity and operator safety.

Fluid Inspections and Analysis

When you have a Cat equipment service, your Cat technician will inspect and replace all oil, fuel and coolant fluids, and take samples for analysis. Trace metal and microbial samples provide powerful insights into component wear and tear, which can then be addressed.

Lube Servicing

Available as a Cat field service, lube servicing is a key aspect of preventative maintenance that keeps equipment operating smoothly and can’t be overlooked. Lube servicing includes replacing contaminated oils, fluids and coolants, as well as post-service lubricant analysis.

TA1 and TA2 Inspections

One of the most important aspects of preventative maintenance, TA inspections cover all major parts and systems, including the engine, transmission, tracks, frames, undercarriage, brakes and safety systems, tyres, attachments and implements, as well as SOS samples.

Why Insist on Genuine Cat Parts?

The heavy equipment parts market is comprehensive and provides businesses with a range of options when replacing machinery parts and components. However, there are numerous reasons why insisting on genuine Cat parts is the right choice. Not only does Cat machinery need perfectly matching parts to help your business cut operating costs, increase on-site productivity and keep your operators comfortable and safe, but also:

  • Cat parts are constructed from the highest quality materials, manufactured to precise specifications and tested extensively, ensuring maximum performance and longevity.

  • Cat parts are precisely matched to other Cat components. This ensures a perfect fit, providing greater durability and reliability than generic replacement parts.

  • Cat parts maintain equipment integrity, extend equipment lifespans and maximise the resale value of your used Cat machinery and equipment.

  • Cat parts come with a reliable 12-month Cat-backed warranty that’s supported by Hastings Deering branches across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

What’s more, Cat parts are available online 24/7. With purchasing certainty (search by serial # or part name), instant pricing and availability, and customised user preferences, you can always access the genuine Cat parts required to keep your Cat machinery operating at optimal levels.

Hastings Deering offers a world-class support network which includes our Cat Field Service and Workshop Service with fully-trained technicians throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. You can also take advantage of the free Hastings Deering Undercarriage Inspection Service which helps you understand component wear and tear, and our Hydraulic Hose Service that gets your machines back in action as quickly as possible. Available for scheduled repairs, inspections, maintenance and hose management 24/7, 365 days a year. Contact your local Hastings Deering branch to book a field or workshop service today.

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