03 May 2021

Black Cat Civil takes delivery of the first of 6, 150 Cat Mastless Motor Graders

In April 2021, the first of 6, brand new Cat® 150 Mastless Motor Graders was delivered to Black Cat Civil on the Sunshine Coast. This machine was the first delivered into the Hastings Deering territory.

Black Cat Civil has been operating since 2006 across all industries, everything from civil works, to mining and railways, with a 100% Cat Fleet.

Brendan Flynn, Director Black Cat Civil said that the evolving technology of these graders, allows their business to realize the improved grading efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of automated grading systems without the limitations associated with GPS masts.

“We’ve been waiting for the Mastless graders to come in for a while now, we’re really excited that they’re here,” said Mr. Flynn. The new Mastless technology expands the use of the grader in finishing applications such as side slopes and drains where guidance was not previously possible due to the mast positions.


“You can load the blade up without having to worry about it bogging down, or the mast interfering with the machine, you can articulate the machine and position the blade to where you need it therefore using the machine to its full potential.”

Mr. Flynn said that one of the key reasons they waited for arrival of the new 150 Mastless graders was the capability to minimize potential damage to the machines.

“Without having to worry about the pole on the blade, you can certainly eliminate a lot of the damage that can happen to the receivers & cab with them being on the machine all the time.”

“The sensors & wiring are well hidden, which is a huge benefit to what it has been in the past.”

The new Mastless GRADE with 3D out of the factory comes standard with an E-Fence feature that prevents the moldboard from hitting the tyres and ladders and stops the circle from potentially damaging the link-bar.

Greg Hewlett, Product Manager at Hastings Deering said that the Mastless integrated system allows for closer proximity work such as alongside buildings or on steep slopes while maintaining accurate grade.

“The operator can position the grader and blade in the most productive position with no compromise to grade quality and with no masts to interfere with visibility or performance,”


“Mastless GRADE with 3D means operators get to the design plan faster and with more accuracy and increased efficiency by utilizing the last IMU sensors & fixed Antenna/Receivers,” Mr. Hewlett said. 

“This also reduces re-work costs, fuel, labour and material costs and of course, boosts productivity.” 


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