Building Miyawaki Forests with Cat Rental

25 July 2021

Building Miyawaki Forests with Cat® Rental

How long does it take to build a forest?
Working with Brettacorp Inc., a unique Miyawaki method, and a Cat Rental 30 ton Cat Excavator, a forest can be built in under 4 days!

What started with a pet chicken, a shovel, and a goal to rehabilitate local habitat, has grown into the development of 9 Miyawaki forests around the Tully region in North Queensland.

Brett Krause, President of Brettacorp Inc. says that the Miyawaki forestation technique is an approach that builds dense, native forests that ensures faster plant growth than using traditional reforestation techniques.

“You’re able to produce a self-sustaining ecosystem within one year, compared to conventional reforestation methods which can take several years before they start to self-sustain.”

brettacorp miywaki forest building

Recently, a team of 5 completed the plantation of a 1,600 tree Miyawaki forest in under 4 days with the help of a Cat 30 ton excavator.

Russell Hockings, North Queensland Rental Representative at Hastings Deering said it was great for the team to help with the regeneration of the region.

“We really helped by offering one of our Cat Rental machines to assist with digging out the paddock, it was 400 square metres, it was really something special to be a part of.”

“For this project they used a Cat 330F, these machines offer emissions controls that are a lot better than where they used to be, it wasn’t working too hard or burning a lot for this dig.”

“The fuel used per hour on this project was considerably lower than most operations only using 8-16 litres per hour.”

Miyawaki forest building with Brettacorp Inc

“For us as a company, getting behind and supporting a project and cause like this, it is just amazing,” said Mr. Hocking.

Since 2016, the Brettacorp team has planted over 55,000 trees across the region.

Brett Krause said that the crux of it is all about collecting seeds from nearby forests and germinating them for future site-specific plantings, this project was 4 tree/plant species per square metre.

“This way you’re creating native endemic species through organic local resources. With the density of native species and standard operating procedure, it results in practically zero maintenance within 12 months.”

Mr. Krause said that this process was aided by using the Cat equipment and harnessing the technology, to build faster. We will also calculate how long it takes to offset the production of this Miyawaki forest.

“We’re working with the social innovation team with Griffith University and sending the species and quantities of trees that we plant. Using the specs of the machine and understanding fuel burn, we will be able to see how much carbon is being produced and calculate how many days it would take before the production of the forest is offset.”

Miyawaki forest building with Cat rental

“It’s about doing it smarter and it’s a lot quicker than just planting random trees.”

“The speed and density of the Miyawaki method is self-sustainable and they grow so quick, it’s the best thing about them.”

“The big dream is to purchase a large property and build a Miyawaki network creating a bio-tourism development, and work with mining rehabilitation companies, the process would be perfect as machinery is already there.”

“The first company I think of when I hear excavators, is Cat, I thought it would be a great collaboration to develop a relationship and work on these projects together,” said Mr. Krause.

The Miyawaki forest method generates a completely maintenance-free, wild, and native forest that sustains itself and supports local biodiversity.

Read more about Brettacorp Inc.

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