Like all genuine Cat parts, Cat air filters are designed and built to deliver the highest standards of reliability and dependability, ensuring businesses like yours can rely on your Cat equipment to get the job done right the first time in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. But as with all parts and components, regular checks and ongoing preventative maintenance are essential to get the longest life and the most effective performance from the air filters that help to protect your investment in quality heavy equipment. 

The Advantages of Choosing Cat Air Filters 

While there are other air filters on the market that may fit your Cat equipment, if you’re to improve your business’s bottom line through maximum efficiency and uptime, only Cat air filters are the right choice. 

Better Engine Performance and Fuel Economy 

The high dust capacity and lower filter restriction of the industry-leading air filters from Cat deliver the most advanced filtration capabilities available on the market today. And with their porous outside layer and immediate dust-caking design, Cat air filters are not only more capable of catching fine dust particles than competing air filters on the market but also allow deep fibres to filter longer. This delivers greater filtration efficiency, higher dust capacity and better air flow, enabling the engine to use less power when pulling in air, which delivers maximum engine performance and fuel economy in addition to maximising the lifespan of parts and components. 

Maximum protection of engine parts 

Cat air filters are designed to deliver a longer service life and lower your maintenance costs by protecting your equipment’s components and, therefore, your investment in high-quality machinery. For example, recent tests show that using Cat air filters help Cat fuel injectors last 45% longer than competing air filters on the market and can decrease operational cost per hour by as much as 80%. Cat air filters achieve this by:

  • Eliminating flexing — Air filters from competing brands often flex as fluid travels through them which releases contaminants that can cause wear. However, Cat air filters feature spiral roving to eliminate pleat movement and prevent contaminants from entering the clean side of the filter. Tests show that air filters with spiral roving have around 45% lower particle counts than other filters. 

  • Eliminating bunching — To eliminate pleat bouncing which can cause clogging and shorten the life of filters by allowing contaminants from the work environment to circulate, Cat air filters incorporate acrylic beads into the design to maintain pleat spacing and maximise filter surface area. This further enhances their ability to capture and hold contaminants, preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

  • Eliminating metal contamination — With fibreglass-reinforced nylon centre tubes which are 30% stronger than metal tubes (which often carry metal contaminants left over from manufacturing that can cause wear) and help to prevent collapse during cold starts or pressure spikes, Cat air filters deliver industry-leading strength and are designed to eliminate metal contamination.

  • Eliminating gaps — Unlike other brands which often have metal end caps glued on top of filter pleats that create gaps and allow contaminants to re-enter the air filter from the clean side, genuine Cat filters feature molded end caps. This industry-leading design feature eliminates gaps by completely sealing the clean side from the dirty side, keeping contaminants at bay. 

Safeguarding your Cat equipment from dirt and contaminants across a variety of work environments with a high-performance air filter that’s manufactured to the exacting specifications of your Cat machine is critical to ensuring the maximum protection of parts and components. This helps to keep your Cat equipment in peak operating condition, enables your team to get more work done and safeguards your business bottom line. 

Taking Care of Your Cat Air Filters 

You should check the air filters on all items of equipment frequently to make sure they’re functioning properly and are continuing to protect components and parts as they’re designed to do. In work environments with high levels of dirt and dust contamination, it may be advisable to check air filters daily to identify clogging or damage. And if the light on the instrument panel indicates the need for air filter replacement, don’t put off the filter change and continue working as this alert is triggered once the filter is full of particulate matter — continuing to work with a clogged air filter puts the parts and components of your Cat equipment at risk.  Ongoing air filter maintenance protects the filter itself, keeps the engine operating smoothly and involves:  

  • Checking for debris and blockages regularly (daily in high contamination work environments)

  • Inspecting the air filter immediately when the display light indicates an issue with the filter

  • Arranging for a certified Cat technician to carry out air filter maintenance. 

Buying Cat Air Filters

To maximise on-site performance, protect your Cat equipment from unnecessary wear and tear and boost your business bottom line, it’s imperative to insist on purchasing genuine Cat air filters from an official Cat dealer like Hastings Deering and have any maintenance required carried out by a certified Cat technician with the training and expertise required to provide professional heavy equipment air filter cleaning.  To ensure you can access the right level of efficiency for your machines and applications, Cat offers multiple air filter efficiencies, including Standard and Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) filters — be sure to check the model number to ensure compatibility and speak with a Cat specialist at your local Hastings Deering branch

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