Equipment Management with the Cat App

18 November 2021

24/7 equipment management on the go with HDAdvantage® and Cat App® 

Contracted to Q H & M Birt. 

Moving over 3.3million cubic metres of dirt doing the bulk earthworks and building up to the subgrade stage of the Bruce Highway Upgrade - Cooroy to Curra Section D project, the team at Q H & M Birt are utilizing the Cat App for efficient equipment management.

Shaun Blewitt, the HSC Trainer and Assessor at Q H & M Birt said that the streamlined data helps the team to monitor machine location and health across their fleet.

“The size of the Caterpillar fleet in QH & M Birt, incorporates 245 pieces of Caterpillar equipment alone, and that ranges in everything from a little skid steer to our big dump trucks, which we monitor daily and weekly with the use of the Caterpillar app,” said Mr. Blewitt.

The Cat App is an efficient equipment management application that enables the team to track their equipment, order service and parts, and working with their dealer, Hastings Deering, to connect their assets.

“The benefits of using the Cat App here at the Cooroy to Curra Section D project, means we can monitor all the systems that are linked up to the service, and it gives us a live feed to maintenance that is required or faults that are coming through, from operator error, mis-maintenance and maintenance planning.”

A companion to my.Cat.Com (MCC), the Cat App delivers simplified, streamlined data directly to a mobile or tablet device, allowing teams to react faster to fault codes and maximise uptime.

“It also keeps things safer, if someone puts it into drive without having their seatbelt on first, we get an alarm instantly and we can correct that through one-on-one interaction with the operator.”

“The Cat App is very user friendly; and its quite easy to get the team trained up, especially with the assistance of Chris Caine and the professionals down in Brisbane.”

In early 2021, the team from Hastings Deering started working with Q H & M Birt utilizing HDAdvantage®, the Cat App and as tools to provide productivity analytics throughout the project.


Chris Caine, Construction Support Supervisor at Hastings Deering said that the analytics provided by these services allows teams to remotely manage equipment, preventative maintenance intervals, machine health and to minimize downtime.

Hastings Deering supporting QH&M Birt with the Cat App

“The Cat App is a complementary service, available on your phone, tablet and it can also be viewed through your computer under”

“The productivity analytics in the app give you the ability to see what machines have been utilized for the last 7 days. At a glance you can see machines that have excessively idled or been underutilized.” 

The HDAdvantage® program was designed by Hastings Deering to run alongside the Cat App to increase the reliability and profit-making potential of Cat equipment thanks to proactive monitoring of machine maintenance and health issues.

“HDAdvantage is a condition monitoring service that we offer to our customers, it involves looking at the electronic data from the machines, oil samples and Cat Inspect inspections.”

“With those 3 pieces of data, along with the strong relationship with our customers, we can start to look at issues on the machine that need to be addressed. Whether its next service, immediate stop, and we give the information to the customer to go and troubleshoot the problem.”

“Q H & M Birt’s relationship with Hastings Deering obviously starts at the acquisition of plant machinery, not only that, the service, maintenance and technical expertise that we can call in 24 hours a day, the advantage now with the Cat App, is we get that extra aftersales service,” said Mr. Blewitt.

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