Onsite Oil Solutions

22 November 2021

Self-Bunded Oil solutions reducing contamination risk on site.

With modern construction now more socially conscious of traditional landscapes, the need to plan for sustainable and contamination free solutions on sites is now more important than ever.

Working across large scale projects in Queensland, Ezyquip Hire has zero tolerance for any sort of oil spillage on site and has invested in unique on-site solutions with the help of Hastings Deering.

Matthew Hanrahan, National Maintenance Manager for Ezyquip hire, says their team has a responsibility to maintain the highest environmental standards leading to the hire of an 8,000-litre onsite Oil Solution.

“We have a fairly large fleet of Caterpillar Equipment out on remote sites, the oil used to maintain this fleet has to be stored in a bunded area, so any spills are easily contained and not contaminating the environment that we’re in.”

“We’re very closely monitored by the traditional owners who still own this land, and they’ve just allowed us to be here, so we have a responsibility to maintain the highest environmental standards at all times.”

At its peak production, the team from Ezyquip had 40 pieces of Caterpillar equipment working across a rail project in Central Queensland.

Ezyquip Hire Oil Solutions

“The Oil Solutions container provides us not only a storage point, but it has also provided a hub for vending all those Caterpillar lubricants that we require to keep that gear going on site,” said Mr. Hanrahan.

“One of the big benefits of this container is that it is a completely mobile solution. At the end of the day, we can lift it up, transport it back to our field operations hub and rehabilitate the land that it was on with no contamination.”

Major construction and mining projects now require site rehabilitation that ensures all disturbed areas are restored, leaving a stable environment that enables the replanting of native species and habitat.

matt hanrahan ezyquip hire

Dan Ware, Product Support Manager for Hastings Deering said that the Onsite Oil Solutions were developed by listening to their customers need for maintenance of large fleets in remote locations.

“Hastings Deering has designed and deployed several on-site Oil Solutions across Queensland and Northern Territory, ranging from 450 Litres, right up to an 8,000-litre solution.”

“These solutions are designed to hold multiple grades of oil depending on the customer needs and the mix of fleet they have on site,” he said. “These Oil Solutions help to minimize their downtime and provide a fast, clean, safe and efficient way to store and dispense the oil on site.”

hastings deering self bunded oil solution

The self-bunded On Site Oil Station holds up to 8,000 litres for various components and applications including gear, transmission, hydraulic, engine, waste oil, and AdBlue.

Additional features of the On-Site Oil station include a bunded sump, ease of loading Oil containers from each end, internal pumps, waste collection trolley, grease trolley, racking for filters and consumables, air reel, filtration lines through to the reels and metered nozzles for accurate dispensing and the ability to dial in required litres.

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