Your choice of ground engaging tools will have a direct impact on productivity and uptime

Selecting the right Cat® Ground Engaging Tool is crucial in reducing stress on your machine and achieving maximum return from an asset. Designed to protect the machine's buckets, blades and ripper shanks, the wide variety of product designs and sizes allows for maximum wear protection in virtually any type of environment or application. Resulting in less downtime and increased productivity.

Tips & Adapters

Cutting Edges

Design Principles Behind Cat Ground Engaging Tools

Alone, ground engaging tools can influence machine performance by 5%, 10%, and even up to 20%!


Components are designed for specific machine kinematics, to meet rated load requirements, reduce stress levels and withstand high breakout force and impact conditions.


Innovative retention solutions combined with robust product development deliver long lasting, high performance Ground Engaging Tools. With a wide range of options available to meet all applications.


Self-sharpening designs, low profile geometry, and light weight solutions. Fill your bucket to capacity every time. The hammerless retention systems are simple, safe, reliable, and easy to change.

Ground Engaging Tools For Dozers

With its main work tools, the blade and ripper, dozers move ground at mines, construction sites, residential developments and hundreds of other places.

Achieve a balanced system by reducing operating costs and maintenance intervals, leading to more productivity. 

Safer, Simpler Installation

Easier handling of edges at first install or during rotation to wear opposite edges.

Minimal Throwaway

Multiple edge sections allow you to rotate or replace only the worn areas.

Improved Productivity

Have both end bit penetration and long cutting edge life, resulting in less maintenance.

Ground Engaging Tools For Motor Graders

Caterpillar offers a wide range of cutting edges for motor graders. Each provides certain benefits when used in the appropriate application. Using the right edge is critical for enhancing production and keeping total costs to a minimum.

There are two basic edge shapes—flat and curved—with serrated edges available in both configurations.

motor grader ground toolsSuperior Durability, More Options
motor grader ground toolsExtended Edge Life
motor grader ground toolsMaximum Penetration, Minimum Waste

Ground Engaging Tools For Hydraulic Excavators

Hydraulic excavators are extremely versatile machines used for a variety of purposes. A hydraulic excavator’s main work tool is a bucket, but these machines can also be equipped with hydraulic couplers to pick up a variety of tools.

Cat hydraulic excavator buckets and G.E.T. are designed as a balanced system to increase life while minimizing drag.

exacavator ground tool benefitPerformance & Productivity
exacavator ground tool benefitExtended Bucket Lifecycle
excavator ground tool benefitEnhance Jobsite Safety

Ground Engaging Tools For Wheel Loaders

For wheel loaders, you can choose from Cat Advansys, K Series, J Series and hammerless tip and adapter systems. Each available with multiple tip options for a range of jobsite conditions. Ensuring machine productivity is optimised in every jobsite condition by balancing strength, penetration, and wear life to match conditions.

Ground Engaging Tools For Mining

Our wide range of integrated systems are performance-built to specific application requirements - for the best overall performance and the lowest cost-per-tonne production.

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